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While we love to relax and have fun, we also emphasize the importance of education. The Riverside is the perfect place to learn more about local nature and wildlife.

Getting to know our

Feathered Friends 


We share the forest with numerous species of indigenous birds, and we want you to get to know them a little better. Harding University biology professor Dr. Nathan Mills leads free weekly birdwatching expeditions on Saturday mornings at 7:00 a.m.


Lodge residents can rent binoculars at the front desk or purchase them from Academy Sports 10% off with our special promo code. For more information about birdwatching in Arkansas, click here. 


Bees Dance to Communicate 


That’s pretty cool. They’re also an integral part of agricultural life in Arkansas (the honey bee is actually the official state insect). The Riverside houses its own bee apiary maintained by local beekeepers, and educational displays are held every Tuesday afternoon at 4:00 p.m. Bring your kids and come watch those bees dance!


Click here to read more about the importance of bees.


We Need Plants, and Plants need us


It’s a mutually beneficial long as we take care of them. It’s important to learn about the environment and how we can do our part to keep nature happy. Harding University biology professor Dr. Michael Nicodemas hosts free nature hikes every Saturday afternoon at 4:00 p.m., and he’ll teach you how to identify plants along the way.


For more information about plants, click here.

Learning is important

So we dedicated an entire room of the Haven & Hive solely for education. It features a magnetic, drawable, projectable wall, as well as a chalkboard wall section. A central water table completes the ensemble.


Room setup and seating can

be easily rearranged to accommodate almost any activity.

Education Room

Locals Love 


"Finding educational ways to entertain my kids is so important to me. I was running out of creative ideas until The Riverside opened up. Now, learning and fun go together perfectly, and the opportunities are endless.."

- Amanda Miller

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